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Corporate and Social Responsibility: What We Offer

If you have a vision for the brand and a heart dedicated to improving the future of the world around us, a job in Corporate and Social Responsibility may be the perfect fit. As CR practices expand, we see the positive impact we can have in our world. Working in Corporate and Social Responsibility at Nike means you thrive on finding solutions, using creativity and harnessing innovation. From auditing overseas factories and setting and measuring ambitious climate neutrality targets to tackling waste throughout the manufacturing process, we work both within and across business units to get to the root of problems. Learn more about the jobs in Corporate and Responsibility with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Global Issues Manager - Singapore
Description: Corporate and Social Responsibility As Nike’s Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing (SM&S) Global Issues Manager, you will have ownership for developing and leading the in-field implementation of Nike Inc’s Issues Management Strategy. Issues Management is a function of Nike’s SM&S team, and is responsible for managing labor and environmental issues/incidents that occur within Nike’s global supply chain. The Issues Manageme...
Reference Code: SA00335
Sustainability Portfolio Director - Portland, OR
Description: Our vision of the future is a world in transition from an industrial economy to a sustainable economy – where renewable sources of energy flourish, water is borrowed responsibly and returned clean to communities, waste is a new asset, workers across the industry are consistently valued, and environmental impact will be a critical metric of success. This is a future that will be good for business, economies and communities...
Reference Code: 00156520
SM&S Sr Business Analyst Environment - Beaverton, OR
Description: As a Senior Business Analyst in the Environmental Excellence and Innovation area of Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing, you will be a key player in helping to develop and manage metrics and KPIs to support the SM&S Environmental strategy. You will play an integral role in facilitating & managing the lifecycle of data, processes & projects from initial concept through final delivery including reporting. You will also hav...
Reference Code: 00156316