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Manufacturing and Engineering: What We Offer

Our engineering innovations are the heart of Nike’s business, and our ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Nike engineers lead our development process, and specialize in everything from improving Nike Air technology to creating a more efficient supply chain. Nike In-House Manufacturing (IHM), Inc. puts the "air" in Nike Air. We make Nike's innovative footwear airbags in two facilities. One is located in St. Louis, Missouri and the other is just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our job is to develop innovative, cost-effective, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that result in high quality materials and components. Learn more about Manufacturing & Engineering jobs with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Industrial Engineer II - Beaverton, OR
Description: As an Industrial Engineering II you will assist in creating and communicating the strategy for Industrial Engineering to audiences in the US and in footwear manufacturing and development countries in Asia. You will work with both Nike and Factory engineers to drive efficiency into the footwear manufacturing process. You will leverage your technical expertise to contribute to the growth of the relatively new industrial Eng...
Reference Code: 00147317
Description: As our Materials Analyst – focusing on Analytical Chemistry, in our Polymers R&D Lab, you'll perform chemical analysis on a variety of Nike footwear materials. You'll develop customized testing methods to support new analytical methods, evaluations and ongoing production support. You'll act as internal consultant providing technical guidance on complex projects as well as work with cross-functional teams to support materi...
Reference Code: 00152223
Director of Industrial Engineering Taiwan \ Korea location Taiwan - Portland, OR
Description: As the Director of Industrial Engineering for Taiwan / Korea (expat) you will play a key role in working with Nike Factory Partners in the development of new footwear models. It will be your responsibility to work with leaders at the Factory Group level to ensure partner programs around IE are aligned with our functional expectations. Working to embed Industrial Engineering methodology in the overall partner strategies wi...
Reference Code: SRC041614VIETINDENG