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Converse Merchandise Planning AnalystNorth Andover, MA07/09/2014
Converse Store Segmentation PlannerNorth Andover, MA06/20/2014
Converse Visual Merchandising ManagerNorth Andover, MA06/20/2014
Converse Retail Operations Analyst Labor OptimizationNorth Andover, MA05/16/2014

Retail Corporate Jobs: What We Offer

The job our Retail Team does around the globe is integral to our success. As the main point of contact between Nike and the consumer, we are dedicated to our mission of delivering the most innovative products to athletes around the world. Nike offers job opportunities in our stores around the globe as well as in our corporate offices at our World Headquarters near Beaverton, Oregon and other regional offices worldwide. Learn the ins and outs of the direct retail side of the number one sports apparel and footwear company in the world.

Recent Job Openings

Converse Visual Merchandising Manager - North Andover, MA
Description: Highly creative position with a top footwear company based in Massachusetts. Create and deliver merchandise presentation direction and standards for both Converse stores. Utilize skill-set to elevate sales, brand presentation and consumer experience. Create profitable shopping environment by supporting the successful implementation of all corporate related product strategies and helping to develop in-store business drivin...
Reference Code: 00168481
Converse Store Segmentation Planner - North Andover, MA
Description: Where we've been, where we're going- It's what we are. We're a lot of things to a lot of people, but really it all comes down to one, simple choice: take Converse along for the ride. And, that's the best part about this whole deal. We need you to make us who we are. It's how it's always been and it's how it'll always be-at least we'd like to think so. Responsible for driving maximum store productivity through strategic as...
Reference Code: 00168484
Converse Retail Operations Analyst Labor Optimization - North Andover, MA
Description: Working in Retail at Converse World Headquarters will be rewarding and challenging but it most definitely won’t be just another job. You'll be an ambassador of the Converse brand. You’ll create strategy, tools and processes through the lens of our brand conviction and mission statement that empower stores to provide inspiring consumer experiences while delivering profit and developing people. We're committed to making eve...
Reference Code: 00162976