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Converse Internship ProgramNorth Andover, MA02/04/2014

Sales Jobs: What We Offer

From a soccer specialty store in Italy to Macy’s and Footlocker - Nike Sales is the team that partners with retailers to deliver the stories, services and products that make Nike the preeminent sports brand. It all starts with the best sales team in the business. Nike sales reps excel at understanding consumers, the marketplace, and the Nike product. With a job on our Sales team, you’ll work closely with marketing, merchandising, and product engine teams and their retail accounts to create winning sales assortments for each season. We focus all of this knowledge on developing sustainable and mutually profitable relationships with Nike’s retail partners. The key to our success is thinking like a retailer, and by being a true business and profitability consultant. Learn more about jobs in Sales with Nike today.

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Converse Internship Program - North Andover, MA
Description: Converse believes in unleashing the creative spirit. We want to be more than a brand, we want to do some good out there. We strive to foster originality, promote uniqueness, challenge the boring, and make more art. Whether that's as big as giving free recording time to bands at our recording studio Rubber Tracks or something as small as letting someone completely design their own pair of Converse sneakers. And when we hir...
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