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Floating Associate TeacherPortland, OR08/06/2014

Child Development Jobs: What We Offer

Now is the time to join Nike with a job on our Child Development team. Three Child Development centers are located on Nike’s World Headquarters Campus near Beaverton, Oregon. We provide exceptional full-time, on-site care for more than 500 children aged six weeks to five years. In partnership with parents, our inspired team of child development professionals ensures the optimal development of every child. Learn more about jobs in Child Development with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Floating Associate Teacher - Portland, OR
Description: As an Associate Floating Teacher you will assist other classroom staff in implementing a developmentally appropriate program by following outlined procedures as stated in the Nike curriculum goals (7R's). Maintain assigned classroom and work schedules while practicing flexibility as needed to meet the needs of the children, class, suite, and center. Model appropriate behavior while working directly and indirectly with chi...
Reference Code: SRCFLTASSOCTEAC8614