The emotion of sport, insights from the world’s greatest athletes and a relentless curiosity drive Nike designers to create products that push human potential. From the initial spark of an idea to the finished product, the diverse team of apparel, footwear and graphic designers, color experts, material designers and others in Nike Design help take innovative product from concept to commerce. And just as athletes pursue faster times, higher leaps and stronger swings, Nike designers persistently strive for ways to make better products for consumers and the planet. They take risks. They sweat the details. They aim to design what people can’t even imagine today.

List of open positions in Design
Job Title Location
Sr Designer Global Brand Design Global InitiativesPortland, OR
Workplace Design Director North AmericaPortland, OR
Color Designer IIPortland, OR
Graphic Designer II Global Football ApparelPortland, OR


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Innovation At Nike

Take a behind the scenes look at how Nike employees shaped product and experiences for the biggest football tournament in the world.

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