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Manufacturing and Engineering: What We Offer

Our engineering innovations are the heart of Nike’s business, and our ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Nike engineers lead our development process, and specialize in everything from improving Nike Air technology to creating a more efficient supply chain. Nike In-House Manufacturing (IHM), Inc. puts the "air" in Nike Air. We make Nike's innovative footwear airbags in two facilities. One is located in St. Louis, Missouri and the other is just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our job is to develop innovative, cost-effective, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that result in high quality materials and components. Learn more about Manufacturing & Engineering jobs with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Description: Primary responsibility for the set-up, maintenance and storage of complex tooling used to produce air-cushioning components. This includes assuring tooling is in safe working condition and that it is production ready according to production specifications dictated by Engineering. Understands assembly of matched tool sets and conducts evaluations on components using a variety of lab equipment. Assist Engineers in the comme...
Reference Code: 00150011
MACHINIST II D2 - Beaverton, OR
Description: Provides technical and process leadership in the production of molds, tools, and fixtures to support manufacturing. Aids in the manufacturing process by troubleshooting tools and processes. Analyzes issues and recommends solutions. Creates and sets up complex precision molds and tools. Assists the maintenance dept. with repairing and fabricating tooling and parts to keep production running. 463219...
Reference Code: 00154925
Operations Director Advanced Manufacturing - Beaverton, OR
Description: As the Operations Director for Advanced Manufacturing, you will play a critical role building upon Nike’s rich innovation history. It will be your responsibility to drive Nike’s global source base to new heights through aggressive, disruptive thinking and creative problem solving. As a member of the Advanced Manufacturing leadership team, you will work daily with experienced leaders who are on the forefront of rapidly tra...
Reference Code: 00154631