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Manufacturing and Engineering: What We Offer

Our engineering innovations are the heart of Nike’s business, and our ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Nike engineers lead our development process, and specialize in everything from improving Nike Air technology to creating a more efficient supply chain. Nike In-House Manufacturing (IHM), Inc. puts the "air" in Nike Air. We make Nike's innovative footwear airbags in two facilities. One is located in St. Louis, Missouri and the other is just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our job is to develop innovative, cost-effective, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that result in high quality materials and components. Learn more about Manufacturing & Engineering jobs with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Proliferation Analyst Global Footwear Modernization - Portland, OR
Description: As the Proliferation Analyst in Global Footwear Modernization, you will assist, support and perform the preparation and distribution of timely and insightful analysis of pertinent information to determine progress against the Manufacturing Revolution Proliferation Strategic Plan, which is used to support financial decisions and future strategies. You will be responsible for analysis and building a framework to support the...
Reference Code: 00171925
Design Engineer I In House Manufacturing - Portland, OR
Description: As our Design Engineer I, you will join the team to assist in the product design, development, tooling design and manufacturing of products related to Nike Air. By leveraging the experience of teammates (and cross functional teams) as a guide and your knowledge and skills in 3D design and engineering as your basis for solving problems you are tasked with, you’ll identify creative solution paths given the problem(s) or pro...
Reference Code: 00172971
Footwear Supply Planning Operations Manager - Portland, OR
Description: As our Footwear Supply Planning Operations Manager, you will lead global capacity, demand, source and supply planning for Nike category and manufacturing business units. Your team will utilize state-of-the-art planning processes and tools in order to drive high levels of planning execution, delivery precision, inventory reduction, improved resource utilization, and product cost savings. You’ll provide research support to ...
Reference Code: 00171477