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Nfl Content SpecialistPortland, OR09/12/2014
Graphic Designer Workplace Design ConnectivityPortland, OR08/27/2014
Global User Experience Manager NikecomPortland, OR08/25/2014
Color Designer I Nike IdPortland, OR08/21/2014
Graphic Designer Ii Global SalesPortland, OR08/13/2014
Design Director SocksPortland, OR07/31/2014
Senior Footwear Designer RunningPortland, OR07/10/2014

Design: What We Offer

From footwear and apparel to equipment, Nike is driven by designing innovative products for athletes. We’re a company in which the art of innovation is respected and can be found at the core of everything we do. Our Design team works directly with athletes and consumers to design authentic performance products. It’s a job that requires a passion for creativity and aesthetics, an eye for detail and the ability to create designs that help our athletes perform better. Being a designer at Nike means you have access to great resources like rapid prototyping equipment, machine shops, world-class material and design libraries. Learn more about jobs in Design with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Description: You might think of Nike as a sports and fitness brand-and we are. But at our core, Nike is a design company. Sure, we design for athletes, but in our book, if you have a body you're an athlete, so you do the math. We do.We do the math and the art, the research and the refining, the concepting and the crafting-everything that goes into creating great design for an entire world of athletes. Individually, we are hundreds of ...
Reference Code: 00178222
Global User Experience Manager Nikecom - Portland, OR
Description: The User Experience team is seeking a User Experience Manager to join our effort to elevate the commerce experience on We are looking for someone with the ability and desire to create a highly functional and visibly appealing experiences in key areas of Nike. com. As a UX Manager, your job is to make sure that our products and services are intuitive, accessible and usable to millions of our customers. A...
Reference Code: 00178974
Graphic Designer II Global Sales - Portland, OR
Description: It's time to let who you are determine where you work, and not the other way around. From guitarists to graphic designers to people whose skills defy description, the Nike design group is definitely an atypical work environment. Every few months our design department hosts an exhibit on different design topics - a recent exhibit featured the “Art of Music” showcasing a collection of work from local artists, including seve...
Reference Code: 00176735