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Manufacturing and Engineering: What We Offer

Our engineering innovations are the heart of Nike’s business, and our ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Nike engineers lead our development process, and specialize in everything from improving Nike Air technology to creating a more efficient supply chain. Nike In-House Manufacturing (IHM), Inc. puts the "air" in Nike Air. We make Nike's innovative footwear airbags in two facilities. One is located in St. Louis, Missouri and the other is just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our job is to develop innovative, cost-effective, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that result in high quality materials and components. Learn more about Manufacturing & Engineering jobs with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Manufacturing Engineer III - Portland, OR
Description: As our Manufacturing Engineer III, you will research and develop new processes and methods for manufacturing footwear and footwear components. You will design and execute experiments to understand key variables between material, process, tooling, and equipment. You will prototype and test ideas in an R&D setting while establishing specifications for a high volume manufacturing line. You will work with OEM suppliers to spe...
Reference Code: 00122212
Process Engineer Laser Sintering - Portland, OR
Description: As the Laser Sintering Process Engineer , you will work closely with other process engineers in the 3D Printing area to evaluate, understand and improve 3D printing technologies, especially, but not solely, laser sintering, in order to move the technologies from a rapid prototyping state to additive manufacturing applications for the future. You will work primarily with a team of individuals, including designers, modelers...
Reference Code: 00152977
Industrial Engineer location Vietnam - Portland, OR
Description: As a member of the Vietnam Industrial Engineering team, you'll champion industrial engineering methodology and tools internally and externally. You will work to collect industrial engineering data in order to establish baseline metrics for current Factory Partner facilities. You will analyze baseline information to determine opportunities for optimization activities and communicate with the larger project team. You’ll act...
Reference Code: SRC030514VIETINDENG