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Footwear Senior DeveloperBeaverton, OR04/16/2014
Footwear Developer IiBeaverton, OR04/16/2014
Footwear Developer IBeaverton, OR04/16/2014
Footwear Associate DeveloperBeaverton, OR04/16/2014
Model Designer IiBeaverton, OR04/14/2014
Materials Ops ManagerBeaverton, OR03/28/2014
Wear Test Analyst IiBeaverton, OR02/11/2014
Concept Creator Product InnovationPortland, OR09/20/2013

Product Development Jobs: What We Offer

In Product Creation and Development, we are involved in the first stages of creating new products, commercialization and getting them to our consumers. This involves everything from idea generation, materials and construction, materials sourcing, product testing and product confirmation. Our job has us working directly with overseas factories to facilitate product samples, testing of color fastness, garment construction, fit, and much more. We work closely with Product Merchandising and Product Design, and our main goal is to get the best product at the best cost point, and delivered on time. Learn more about Product Development & Engineering jobs with Nike today.

Recent Job Openings

Footwear Developer I - Beaverton, OR
Description: As a Footwear Developer I, you'll provide project and process management within Footwear Product Development. You'll lead the individual project creation team converting a project brief and a two-dimensional design rendering into a three-dimensional sample that meets the needs of the team and the consumer that can be successfully and profitably commercialized and produced. You will manage project information and ensures i...
Reference Code: SRC041614FWD1
Footwear Associate Developer - Beaverton, OR
Description: As a Footwear Associate Developer, you will be responsible for working with Marketing, Design, Development and Merchandising to coordinate images for the catalog. You’ll provide project and process within Footwear Product Development at an entry level. You’ll be converting a project brief and a 2D design rendering into a 3D sample that meets the needs of the team and the consumer that can be successfully and profitably co...
Reference Code: SRC041614FWAD
Description: As a Footwear Model Designer, you'll work closely with a number of internal partner groups to actively participate in the design process by creating original, innovative, and industry leading concept models and prototypes. You will call upon your extensive knowledge of design, digital modeling and rapid prototyping techniques to add a high level of collaborative input to the work at hand. As a member of our team, some of ...
Reference Code: 00152612