Artists, inventors, designers across every discipline. At Nike, there’s no limit to just how far your creativity can run. Here, our teams pursue greatness to solve some of the largest design challenges guided by the goal of elevating the athlete experience, supporting sustainability, and pushing human potential. Illustrate your vision. Design with purpose. Craft the future.


Designing at Nike isn’t simply being at the forefront of footwear or reimagining apparel. For our teams, design is a vehicle to communicate and commit to the core tenets of what we stand for: performance, expression, collaboration, inclusion, and sustainability. Our designers are curious innovators with open minds, everyday athletes inclusive of all abilities, and visual storytellers with a passion for sport. As a team, our collaborations don’t just generate and accelerate the most progressive creations, but inspire movement, cultivate community, and protect the future. To be a part of Nike Design team doesn’t just take talent, it takes the ability to play as a team, dream as a team, and win as a team.


Nestled between the refreshing mountain ranges and expansive coast of Portland, Oregon, Nike WHQ is a workplace unlike any other. A world of play and possibility, the state-of-the-art campus offers inspiration at every corner, with top-of-the-line athletic facilities, programs that support a path to professional growth, and design resources that encourage innovation beyond imagination. Here, designers from all over the world find a home away from home, a creative community of passionate individuals that unlock new ideas, as they collaborate on creating game-changing product that defines the future of sport.


At Nike, our legacy of designers who’ve impacted the future of sport is undeniable. As we evolve and usher in the next generation of game-changers, our goal is to continue to make #NikeDesign inviting for all by demystifying the process of joining the team. Here are some pro-tips to give your portfolio the best possible leg-up: Share your process. Clearly and visually demonstrate your thought process from concept to solution for what you consider your top work, and the inspiration and intention behind it. Strategize and storytell. Show us who you’re designing for, communicate their drive, and visually engage us in their journey. Be original, be you. Consider how your cultural connections and creative awareness translate to your work, and how your creative passions and interests represent you.