Indigenous Inclusion

Kathy Baird

Kathy Baird – Sicangu Lakota/Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Senior Director, Engagement and Advocacy, Global Purpose Communications

"It’s an honor to represent the Indigenous community at Nike. The Native American Network & Friends has been a family to me in my transition to Nike, and that plus Nike N7 are two of the major reasons I came to work here. I recognize my responsibility as an Indigenous woman in and out of the workplace and I bring my values with me as best as I can throughout this experience. The Network helps me find a sense of home and culture in and out of the workplace. In addition, for most of us who reside in cities like Portland, and work at large companies like Nike, we might be the only Indigenous person our teammates know. I recognize that it’s not my responsibility to educate others on my own, but I do not question my commitment to bring visibility to my community. We are only 3% of the entire U.S. population and are seeking increased and more authentic representation of who we are today. Every day I show up in a Global Communications meeting, or elsewhere across the Nike enterprise, I am bringing an example of an Indigenous woman in corporate America. My ancestors fought (literally) for me to be here. I am a descendent of phenomenal leaders who made great impact to the Santee, Sicangu Lakota and Oneida Nations. There are not many people like me out there, so I truly see this representation as both a privilege and a responsibility."