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Nike Teams

At the heart of Nike, you’ll find our people. From color designers in Beaverton, to retail planners in Shanghai and retail athletes* in thousands of locations worldwide, it’s never just one person’s effort to reach our goals — we do it as a team. Nike brings together people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skill sets, mindsets and assets — and together, we make the impossible possible.

Administrative Support

NIKE, Inc. is in perpetual motion. Administrative employees help Nike teams around the world keep up with the company’s rapid pace. They act as liaisons embedded in business functions and geographies. Their talents — problem solving, organization, time management and more — help fuel the success of their teams. Nike’s diverse group of administrative assistants and receptionists embodies professionalism and models core Nike values to guests and fellow employees.

Advanced Innovation

Innovation is oxygen for NIKE, Inc., and the company depends on its talented, global workforce to breathe originality and curiosity into everything they do. The Nike Advanced Innovation team strives for lighter, faster, bigger, smarter, smaller, more efficient, more sustainable and more personal. They imagine, research, analyze and invent the next industry-changing technology to advance athletic performance. In roles that span research, design, materials and manufacturing, the Advanced Innovation team looks to the future and focuses on making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Air Manufacturing Innovation

At Air Manufacturing Innovation (Air MI), we deliver on Nike’s most daring dream: giving every athlete the unparalleled sensation of walking on air. Since Nike introduced the Air sole in 1979, no technology has become more synonymous with Nike than Air. Our teams engineer, make and perfect Nike’s most advanced footwear components. Masters of teamwork, we challenge assumptions in order to get faster, drive efficiency and fine-tune technology to deliver quality performance plastic. At our state-of-the-art facilities located in Beaverton, Ore., and St. Charles, Mo., Air MI is taking Air to places that we never thought possible.


Nike doesn’t just help athletes take flight on the court, field or track – its Aviation team transports people to even greater heights. The pilots, mechanics and other support for Nike’s air travel protect the human capital and resources of the company. Around the world, the Nike Aviation Team oversees flight operations to ensure safety, productivity and connectivity within the company.


Marketing and Communication teams at NIKE, Inc., help set the brand tone. They act as a creative force of specialists, driven to tell Nike’s stories of innovation and sport through advertising, brand strategy, digital engagement and product presentation. Using channels ranging from retail stores to social media, Marketing & Communication teams connect the science and art of Nike innovations to the hearts and minds of athletes around the world.

Customer Service

NIKE, Inc. Customer Service teams provide service and support for retail partners who carry Nike products. They build and maintain strong relationships, manage and track orders through delivery, respond to questions and work with internal partners to resolve complex customer issues.


At Nike, designers chase their curiosities and build what’s next, shaping the culture and advancing human potential. The Design teams include artists, inventors and specialists, all with different focuses, including color and material experts, and apparel, footwear and graphic designers. Nike designers look to the future, aggressively pursuing materials, ideas and forms that further elevate the athlete experience, raise the bar for modern style and reduce environmental impact.


From our flagship website and five-star mobile apps to the retail store experience, our digital teams at NIKE are reimagining how design and technology meet to serve consumers more directly and personally. We bring together cutting-edge technologies and the most creative thinkers in the world to build industry-leading consumer innovations. We hire commerce leaders, product and site merchants, digital marketers, planners, product leaders, strategists, data scientists, engineers, member experts, designers, and analytics talent to create world-class retail and ecommerce experiences. Our teams are innovative, diverse, multidisciplinary and collaborative, together providing access to premium products and immersive experiences to enable our consumers to make sport a daily habit.


NIKE, Inc. corporate campuses provide environments to maximize employees’ full potential. From meticulous landscaping, to state-of-the-art fitness centers, running trails and more, the Nike Facilities teams keep campuses around the world running at peak performance so employees can operate in an environment that inspires innovation. These teams lead the design and construction of Nike’s corporate buildings, supply project management services, ensure workplace security and much more. The end result: an atmosphere that inspires everyone who sets foot on a Nike campus.

Finance & Accounting

Today, the opportunities for growth across Nike’s business portfolio offer more potential than ever. Nike Finance plays a leadership role in these opportunities by providing expertise and insight to drive near-term profitability, strategic investment for long-term growth, and risk management in an evolving macroeconomic environment. We plan, account and report for Nike’s multi-billion dollar portfolio businesses across diverse categories and geographies, while managing the company’s investment portfolio, debt and equity instruments, and other growth-enhancing Treasury activities. Our people and culture distinguish us as a world-class finance team that lives its organizational mission: to drive and deliver value to every Nike shareholder.

Government & Public Affairs

The mission of Government & Public Affairs is to drive inspiration and innovation in Nike’s global government engagement. The team drives business success through innovative partnerships, communication and leadership to affect government action, public policy, business decisions and competitive separation. Government & Public Affairs leverages our resources and ability to innovate, partnering with other various teams to help deliver on Nike’s policy and legislative agenda.

Human Resources

Nike Human Resources teams help attract, retain, and reward the world’s most innovative people by creating programs to help them thrive. They accelerate company growth as stewards of culture, organizational effectiveness, talent and change. The global Human Resources community includes experts in talent planning, talent acquisition, talent development, compensation and benefits, employee relations and more. Together, they develop a motivated, diverse and engaged global team.

Insights & Analytics

We're a team of strategists and scientists. Inquisitors and interpreters. Designers and innovators. We're big thinkers and detail enthusiasts. Data wranglers and insight creators. NIKE Inc.’s Insights & Analytics teams get after big data and turn it into digestible decision-making tools for the company. We use personalization science by leveraging AI and machine learning to build solutions to ingest, integrate and transform data into useful formats to do more of what we do best. Together, we pair the science of data and analytics with the art of functional expertise to support NIKE, Inc. in achieving our company’s enterprise goals.


Nike’s rapid pace of innovation demands a Legal team that is always on the offense. And they’re always on their game – with the mission to advance and guide Nike’s business through innovative, offense-minded counsel. Nike attorneys, paralegals and other specialists in law provide inventive approaches and superior counsel to Nike’s global business. As Nike changes the future of sport, the Nike Legal team drives competition, ingenuity and integrity in the marketplace.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing teams at NIKE, Inc., dream up new ways to make better-performing products faster and more efficiently. This world-class team challenges assumptions about how our products are made and leads the company in pursuing ambitious sustainability goals — all while producing Nike’s rich mix of product.


Marketing helps define Nike’s brand and tone. They act as a creative force of specialists, driven to tell Nike’s stories of innovation and sport through advertising, brand strategy, digital engagement and product presentation. Using channels ranging from retail stores to social media, Marketing teams connect the science and art of Nike innovations to the hearts and minds of athletes around the world.


For NIKE, Inc., merchants, everything begins and ends with the consumer. The Nike Merchandising team analyzes consumer needs and market capacity to create the right product mix for marketplaces around the world.


At NIKE, Inc., we serve athletes. Fueled by the insights of the world's best, we design and create products to elevate human potential on a global scale. Nike’s Demand and Supply Management (DSM) team partners with diverse teams across the company — and around the world — to bring that mission to life. Nike DSM drives profitable, sustainable growth and inventory productivity for Nike and our partners. Together, we are building a smarter, more connected and automated value chain.


At NIKE, Inc., we understand that it takes a lifetime to build consumer trust and a moment to lose it. We work hard to earn and maintain that trust every single day – by treating our consumers with respect, and by delivering world-class, innovative products and experiences that are useful, intuitive, and exceed their expectations. Nike’s Global Privacy Team is critical to building and maintaining that trust. We collaborate with business partners to ensure respect for consumer data and privacy are embedded within every product and experience. We help teams understand the importance of privacy while giving thoughtful, clear, and actionable guidance. If you’re dynamic, action-oriented, collaborative, thoughtful, and have deep technical privacy experience, you’ll fit right in with the team that helps Nike earn and deserve consumer trust.


NIKE, Inc.’s relentless pursuit of product innovation and sustainable growth demands bold new ways of doing business – including supplier engagement. Stretching far beyond conventional sourcing, Nike Procurement secures the best supplier relationships to drive business success. The team maximizes the value and reach of the company’s investments in external resources, including product materials, marketing services, digital tools, temporary labor, high-tech manufacturing equipment and other products and services to fuel business growth and sustainability.

Product Creation, Development & Management

The first spark of a product idea sets the NIKE, Inc. Product team into motion. The team of developers, testers, engineers, designers and managers obsess over Nike’s iconic silhouettes and create groundbreaking new styles. They collaborate, ideate and refine products’ construction, fit and materials. They maintain a keen understanding of consumer and market trends. They skillfully operate at the intersection of buyer needs, technical feasibility and business objectives. And they work lockstep with Merchandising, Design, Manufacturing and others to produce the final result: products that reflect the soul of sport and inspire athletes to reach new levels of performance.

Retail Corporate

Nike Direct HQ teams serve as the backbone for both brick-and-mortar stores and digital commerce around the world. A global network of teams — including Marketing, Merchandising, Buying, Visual Presentation, Operations, Real Estate, Finance Strategy and more — help direct, as well as an ecosystem of apps and hundreds of physical retail locations.

Retail Stores

Nike Direct is the face of Nike. A career in Nike Direct demands creativity and ambition, while offering the opportunity to grow with world-class teammates and retail partners. Our team unites physical and digital retail, giving consumers complete access to premium products and immersive experiences every day.


NIKE, Inc., knows how to sell sneakers. And apparel. And just about everything an athlete could need. Nike Sales teams are the front line for getting these products into the customer’s hands. Through sustained relationships with wholesale partners around the world — from a specialty store in Rome to a department store in Manhattan — Nike Sales delivers defining products, experiences and brand stories.

Social & Community Impact

With a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world, the power of sport is at the heart of Nike’s DNA. The Social & Community Impact (SCI) team fulfills this mission through a sports-led community portfolio that engages partners, organizations, experts, Nike internal teams and others to move the world and get kids active. Today, the world is moving less and less, and this generation of children is the least physically active ever. Leveraging our resources and ability to inspire, the SCI team engages the Nike footprint, employees, consumers and the world to shift the paradigm of physical inactivity.

Sports Marketing

Nike Sports Marketing professionals provide the vital linkage between the company and Nike-sponsored athletes, clubs and federations worldwide. Sports Marketing employees partner with premier athletes to collect insights about existing and future products, gather inspirational stories about sport and nurture long-term relationships between the athletes and the company. The team develops and executes sports marketing strategies, obtains endorsements and licensing agreements and serves as Nike ambassadors to the sports community worldwide. Their relationships build the foundation of Nike’s product creation: Nike creates exceptional products because its employees listen to exceptional athletes.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning teams keep Nike moving in the right direction by leading the strategic business planning process and spearheading transformational projects across Nike businesses and geographies. Embedded in teams across the company, strategy professionals explore complex business issues; conduct consumer, competitive and market analyses; create financial models and develop action plans. The Strategic Planning teams help write the future of sport by charting Nike’s path forward.

Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistics

The NIKE, Inc. Supply Chain team is the engine that propels product around the world. Supply Chain experts ensure that every year, almost a billion units of footwear, apparel and equipment arrive at the right place, at the right time.


NIKE, Inc. is transforming manufacturing with world-class standards that ensure our products are made responsibly and sustainably. Everything we do puts workers at the center. We are respecting the environment and using cutting-edge technologies to create better, more personalized products for our customers. Many of the challenges we seek to address are complex and beyond the scope of one brand or company. We need to work collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders to think creatively, and pool our skills in order to address risks and improve outcomes for our manufacturing factories, workers, and their communities.


NIKE is a technology company. From our flagship website and five-star mobile apps to developing products, managing big data and providing leading edge engineering and systems support, our teams at NIKE Global Technology exist to revolutionize the future at the confluence of tech and sport. We invest and develop advances in technology and employ the most creative people in the world, and then give them the support to constantly innovate, iterate and serve consumers more directly and personally. Our teams are innovative, diverse, multidisciplinary and collaborative, taking technology into the future and bringing the world with it.

Contract Opportunities

Interested in the flexibility of temporary work? We have a variety of contract opportunities at Nike in numerous departments. Nike works with a third-party vendor, Flex, to manage contract positions*. Create an account with Flex to learn more.

*Flex’s hiring process is separate from Nike’s hiring process. Nike is not involved in the interviewing or hiring of temporary, contract employees. **Currently only offered in USA, Netherlands and Belgium.

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