How We Hire

At Nike, our goal is to provide a premium, inclusive, compelling and authentic candidate experience. We believe our process allows you to be at your best — and to do that, you need to understand how the hiring process works. Many of the tips you’ll find on this page are useful when applying for any job at NIKE, Inc. Please note the hiring process steps on this overview page are most relevant for roles based in our corporate offices. This process may differ when you apply for other roles.



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Applying for a new job or career path can take a lot of effort and pressing “submit” on an application can be daunting. We get that — and we want the process to be as easy as possible.

Pro Tip #1

Review Your Work

Your application is the first thing our recruiters see about you. Make sure to double-check it before pressing “submit.” We want you to show up at your best: Look for grammar and spelling mistakes, take time to accurately answer our pre-qualifying questions and make sure your employment information is accurate.

Pro Tip #2

Find The Right Fit

Take your time to review the job description and the department you are applying to and cater your resume and application for the position.

Pro Tip #3

Work Smarter

We know completing an application takes time out of your day. It may save time to use the resume parsing or LinkedIn tools, which will auto-populate your application. Review what the tool populates for accuracy and make sure it best represents your experience. Once you complete an application for the first time, your profile information will be saved for future applications. As you complete your application, you’ll see a status indicator at the top of the page letting you know what sections you still need to complete.



Meet A Recruiter

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Your challenges are our challenges and your success is our goal. We want to provide you with the tools and insight that help you show up at your best.

Pro Tip #1

Be Yourself

We want to get to know the real candidate. We want to know more than just your resume. Take the time to read directions through your candidate experience – like the application and any correspondence from a recruiter. Take every opportunity show us who you really are — we value what makes you unique.

Pro Tip #2

Look At The Team

Each job description gives an overview of the team and what they do. Take some time to learn about NIKE’s teams here. This is a great opportunity to make sure you’re applying to teams aligned with your interests. Take time to review job descriptions thoroughly and ensure you meet the qualifications. Cater your resume and application to the positions that align best with your qualifications and experience.

Pro Tip #3

Be Patient

A recruiter will reach out to you if you are selected for an interview. Our recruiters will interview you and be your main contact during your candidate experience. We know you’re excited about Nike, and we will do our best to keep you updated. Keep in mind, the interview process may take longer than you expect. Be patient — your recruiter will keep you updated throughout the entire process. You can reach out to them with any questions, but keep in mind their responses may be delayed due to their heavy workloads.




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Interviews can be stressful, so we do our best to make you feel relaxed and welcome.

Pro Tip #1

Learn About Nike

Spend some time learning about Nike. Talk to friends, read news articles and review our career site. This will help you get a sense of what we are all about, and what we value as a company. This knowledge will go a long way as you prepare for your interview.

Pro Tip #2

Know The Product

No matter what role you’re interviewing for at Nike— engineering, sales, marketing — you should always use and know the “product” before your interviews. This can range from wearing it, trying it on, reading about what goes into making it.

Pro Tip #3

Do Your Research

Before your interview, research the people you are meeting — LinkedIn is a great place to start. Think about what in your background might be of interest to them. Prepare some questions that are specific to each interviewer based on their experience and role. Putting thought into your questions is a great way to show that you have done your research — not just on the role, but also on the company and people you’ll possibly be working alongside.


Start Preparing

If you’re considering applying, we recommend spending a bit of time learning about Nike. A good starting point is the LIFE AT NIKE page to get a sense of Nike’s values and what we’re all about as a company.

Life At Nike

Contract Opportunities

Interested in the flexibility of temporary work? We have a variety of contract opportunities at Nike in numerous departments. Nike works with a third-party vendor, FLEX, to manage contract positions*. Create an account with FLEX to learn more.

*FLEX’s hiring process is separate from Nike’s hiring process. The interviewing and hiring process for temporary contract employees is managed through the FLEX Program Office. **Currently only offered in USA.