Expanding Our Horizon

Why We Exist

Every product we make, experience we create, and service we provide is designed to help others have more fun in and out of the water.

Before Hurley, There Was Bob.

Prior to starting Hurley, Bob Hurley made a name for himself as one of the preeminent young board shapers in Huntington Beach. Obsessed with making boards that were lighter, faster and more flexible, Bob eventually translated his innovation ethos into board shorts, and the rest is history. Bob started the Hurley brand in 1999 and it continues in his spirit of innovation.

Sea Meets The Land

Acquired in 2001, Hurley has a long-standing partnership with Nike. Our partnership goes both ways and fuels each other. Nike’s focus on helping athletes reach their potential has benefitted some of the world’s best surfers. And at the same time, Hurley employees provide Nike with unique insight to better their products in and out of water.

Making Waves

Whether it’s our innovation department partnering with cutting edge surf information technology researchers on material 10 years out, or our printing press continuing Hurley’s origins, or the Art Container where employees become mad scientists, Hurley employees have the opportunity to get weird and be creative.

Hurley HQ

Located in the heart of Costa Mesa and just a short drive from the beach, our campus is the physical embodiment of the Hurley brand — a playground with a recording studio and even a surfboard shaping bay.




Miles From Newport Beach