NIKE, Inc. is happy to announce a partnership with the University of Memphis (UofM) to form a degree program called “Lane Four!” Born out of our ongoing commitment to cultivating talent across the network, Lane Four goes beyond standard corporate tuition reimbursement programs. Just like the gentle curves you experience running the fourth track lane, this program is all about fostering a smooth ride on your race to a degree. It has unique program features that were developed for Nike Mid-South employees, with two things top-of-mind: personal enrichment and career development. Ensuring everyone has an opportunity to learn and grow is a priority under our Purpose strategy. As a valued member of the team, we are investing in our team members to help achieve the goals you may have that come with having a college education. What makes Lane Four great? Aside from becoming a UofM Tiger, what’s most exciting about Lane Four are its four key success factors: 1. Nike will pay UofM directly, meaning you don’t have to front tuition costs, which makes participation financially-friendly. 2. There is a purposefully built-in structure to ensure you get the support needed to easily apply, stay in the program and complete your degree—such as counselors and academic coaches. 3. You have the ability to select any UofM online track you want. There are no limitations, and, in some cases, experiential credits will be available. 4. For those who want to participate but are not quite ready to enter the classroom, there are preparatory courses—billed directly to Nike—to help get you up to speed for a successful transition to academic life. The "next lap" in your education journey begins now. On your mark, get set, go!
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